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Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor

There used to be a group of heroes who saved the world. Many heroes fought with the power of "destruction" and guarded the world. As time goes by-the heroes are disappearing in history, and the fate of the world today is entrusted to the young girls who are called "heirs" who continue to fight with their power. Standing at the apex of all the "successors", Faria, one of the girls of the "Seven Knights", rescued a young man who called himself Nemo while fighting the swarming "destroy" army. During the fierce battle, Nemo unconsciously awakened the power of the "hero" and exerted his power as an "inheritor". Everything starts from this moment, a soul journey of past and present intertwined. Check out the Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor cosplay costume collection on Cosplay-anime.com to shop for more cosplay hoodie costumes and t-shirt costumes.