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Disobeying orders, ASTRA Corporation explorer Selene Vassos attempts to land on the off-limits planet of Atropos to investigate what she dubs the "White Shadow" signal, which somehow seems familiar to her. Upon arriving on Atropos, Selene's ship suffers heavy damage and she is forced to crash land. Unable to contact ASTRA, Selene explores the planet and is shocked when she comes across corpses of herself. She learns that every time she dies, time seems to loop back to the moment she crashed, sending her back to her starting point. In addition, the planet seems to change with every loop, and she also experiences vivid but random visions. If you are looking to buy a Returnal cosplay hoodie or T-shirt, check out our "Returnal" collection on Cosplay-anime.com to shop for more cosplay hoodie costumes and t-shirt costumes.